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GDPR compliand survey reminder mobile app.

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Bright Diary Survey Manager Overview

New: Diary Survey Manager is now part of the Bright Platform!
Super simple to use mobile app for your diary survey respondents available in both Google Play Store™, and Apple Store™. Discrete reminders, gamification, and GDPR compliance.

Finally, you can have something different from the highly ineffective e-mail reminders for your diary surveys. It is the mobile era, and precisely the younger generation is entirely communicating over their mobile devices.
Bright Diary Survey Manager comes with a handy control panel that allows you to set up several flexible options on how, when, and by what action your survey users will receive a push notification! Do you want to cheer them up for the completed session? We have gamification in the form of pop-ups with images and texts. Are you looking for message personalization? No problem – we have covered this as well.
And the best thing of all – you have full automation that anonymizes the user ID, making our app completely GDPR compliant.
Bright Diary Survey Manager Features

Wow your respondets with push notifications, and gamification!

GDPR compliance
Anonymized customer IDs, that do not reveal to us any information about your respondents.
In-app, per action triggered pop-ups with images, and text, that you can customize for different scenarios.
Easy Setting
You just need a Forsta Survey™ URL, and a list of your anonymized user IDs and you're good to go.
Custom actions
You have reminders set up by timeframe, by timezone, by Forsta Survey™ in-survey actions, and many more.
The DSM app is available in both Google Play Store™ and Apple Store™. Easy to get and used by any respondent.
Full Control from you
After a survey terminates, you can lock the survey in the app, through our platform management panel.