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Bright MaxDiff MT Overview

New: MaxDiff is now part of the Bright Platform!

Would you pay the price of the full restaurant menu, when you want just your favorite dish? No. Then why shall you pay for a full analytics suite, when you can have just MaxDiff analysis and design tools with a spice of TURF analysis?

Bright MaxDiff MT does exactly what it sounds. With just a few clicks, you can create multiple MaxDiff design variations and get the most balanced one.

Then, when your survey is complete you have handy import options, that you can run together with the chosen design and generate several analyses ready to export: Count based, Logit based, Mixed Logit, and even TURF over Mixed Logit.

Items, items per block, blocks, or even prohibitions – you have control over all of the MaxDiff design and analysis parameters.



The magic of MaxDiff design and analysis happens here

Easy Designs
Choose a few options, fine-tune the designs that you want, and even get a warning if your design is getting imbalanced.
Three MaxDiff Analyses
With every MaxDiff analysis run you'll get Count based, Logit based and Mixed Logit analyses with several features.
The classic MaxDiff analyses are not enough? You can always have a TURF over Mixed Logit analysis!
Need to get some of the answer combinations out of the equation? Sure deal - we have MaxDiff design prohibitions.
Forsta Surveys™ API
With the whole MaxDiff MT abstracted as an API, you can directly feed question data from Forsta Surveys™ or other platforms and run the analysis.
Easy Import & Export
We have made the import and export options a breeze so you can focus on your work and not figuring out how to analyze your data.