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Bright TE Overview

The art of perfection is to get rid of everything unnecessary. Like an excessive survey translation process, multiple files juggling, forth-and-back activities, or repetitive translations. In the strive of achieving this simplicity – we’ve created Bright TE!

When Bright TE was planned for development, it’s sole aim was to be as helpful as possible to the Market Research industry. We didn’t want to “re-invent the translation wheel”, instead – our focus was on how we can centralize, streamline, automate and improve the process.

Then we developed a platform, that takes care of it all like: translation agency and client management, proof-read translations powered by Google Cloud Translate, personal client database to get rid of redundant translations, exports with color labels, survey mapping, and many more.

Bright TE Features

All translations tidy and reusable, in one place!

Centralized System
You have full control over the translation agencies, you're working with, your translations, and your team. The system handles all.
No Translation Redundancy
Once you have a survey string translated, the system keeps the seed-target language translation for further re-use. Perfect for tracker surveys!
Assisted Translations
Your translations will be proof-read in 95% of the cases, saving you double translation agency work. Google Cloud Translate takes care of this.
Handy Translation Panel
We have built an easy to use translation panel for your TA partners, so they can translate directly online. Script locking and duplicates grouping.
Survey Mapping
Are you migrating your surveys to a Forsta Surveys™ server? Our TE tool can do an excellent job for you parsing and re-mapping survey texts on the fly.
Forsta Surveys™ API
Import and Export colorized .xls files on the fly. Or, use your Forsta Surveys™ API key and manage language pairs directly.