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Bright text-coding

New: Text-coding is now part of the Bright Platform!

There is always something new, and thriving that drives the entire Bright RDI team forward. Text-coding is an essential option, that is needed by almost any market research company and we built a novelty tool to make a difference.

We know that text-coding re-invention might feel unnecessary, considering the existing tools already available in the market.

The thing is that we consider these tools either too old and pricey (coming with a heavy legacy and sloppy UI). Or modern, but lacking the essential features of an ultimate product to own the whole process.

Our cross-industry experience of more than 15yrs. led us to a new concept. We’re coming with a speedy, lightweight, and optimized tool to take the whole process to a new level. So stay tuned!

Can the survey text-coding be pushed to the next level?

Sure it can! With the right tools and technologies, indeed.

Fast UI
When we mean fast, we mean fast. Most of the pre-processing happen server-side, so there is no visual delay in what you do.
Automated Coding
The out-of-the-box suggestion tool uses an algorithm for similarity to suggest coding options for each open-end.
RegEx helpers
If automation is not enough, you can run Regular Expressions to refine your search and manage filters.
Do you have a multi-language survey that needs to be coded? We don't see any issue as we have a translation tool for the purpose.
You have easy to navigate selectors that make mass-edit a breeze. Click, select, apply - it's that easy.
And to place the cherry on top of the ice-cream, you have the option to clone and re-use any code frame already created for your account.