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Artificial open-end gibberish inspector.

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Bright AGI Overview

New: AGI is now part of the Bright Platform!
Light yet sophisticated, GDPR compliant, versatile tool based on AI-trained language models, dictionaries, and filters. One mission – to reduce open-end gibberish detection costs and make it’s cleaning a breeze!

The combination of easy to use interface, clear step by step process, and several languages supports any data processing team to adopt it quickly and cut the time needed for open-end processing. The sweetest part of it all – the tool has Forsta Surveys™ integration and an API that provides fully automated review and screening of the users based on an aggregated gibberish score.
Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese with more to come soon!
Bright AGI Features

The open-end Swiss knife

Language Support
AI trained models for 16 languages, constantly improving and adding new ones.
Smart Filters
Several smart filters, that help you soft and filter the gibberish with few clicks.
Fuzzy Search
Respondent misspelled a brand? Our fuzzy search will catch most of these errors.
Binary Search
We check each one of the question responses for repeating answers.
Forsta Surveys™ Integration
Have a Forsta Surveys™ server? You can import and export data directly from Forsta Surveys™ with our tool.
Ten lines of code and you can attach our tool to any survey logic, checking answers on the fly.