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When your market research agency has a flow of surveys, and your focus is on the panel you provide and not the survey content itself, it’s all sunshine and roses until some client does not slip a request for personally identifiable information. Then, you get under the GDPR breach lights, and the things can get pretty ugly, pretty fast. PII Detector helps you catch such cases.

The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are a reality now. And the fees for breaching these regulations – gargantuan.

For the panel management companies, this is a huge issue, as the amount of surveys is often vast, the deadlines are always tight, and a plethora of questionnaires are in a language different than English. To catch a PII request in such a survey, without apparent sign (like an e-mail field) is very hard.

This is where Bright PII comes handy! We’ve built supportive tool, that catches PII questions on different languages. And it’s Google Chrome extension! And it makes a report, what about that!


BRIGHT PII Detector Features

It's the multi-language helping pair of eyes

Multi-language Support
We make sure that you can trace PII signs in English, Spanish, German, and French. And this is just the beginning - more languages are coming soon!
Semaphoric alerts
We've built a semaphoric system (green, yellow, red) for marking PII words and phrases, and you will love the simplicity of its use.
Auto Reports
Comes with an auto report feature that generates pdf with all problematic questions and the words or phrases that have triggered the alert.
Forsta Surveys™ survey bot
Bright PII has integrated Forsta Surveys™ bot, that can auto-fill most of the questions it faces. While it has some limitations, it's a cute time saver.
Update on the fly
We're continually improving the app with new languages, and they get reflected immediately without requiring to update the app every time.
Great Saviour
At the end of the day, this tool critical value is that it can help you save a pile of money, foreseeing potential GDPR/CCPA breaches.