Bright Platform

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Bright Platform

Evolution strives to change and adapt you, to turn you into a better, smarter, and faster entity. We evolved. Out suite of several tools made for the market research industry now has centralized access —the Bright Platform.

With Bright Platform we made all the tools you use and love to be more accessible, more centralized,  and easily managed by your company.

Now the onboarding process, the billing, and the management of the tools are easier than ever.

But the Platform is not just that. Under the facade, we’ve drastically improved our speed of innovating, deploying, and supporting each one of our tools. We’re constantly rolling out improvements that make your work easier, faster, and more effective.

Bright Platform is an ecosystem where you can very easily access new tools, you’re being charged only for the resources you need and use.

What's inside

Your market research swiss knife

AI Gibberish Inspector
Detect open-end gibberish answers using our state of art AI-powered inspector. 16 languages supported. View more here.
Diary Survey Manager
Keep your diary survey respondents updated with our mobile notification app. GDPR compliant!
MaxDiff Manager
Build MaxDiff designs and easily perform 3 types of MaxDiff analyses, as well as TURF analysis. View more here.
ADA Styles
Build your Forsta Surveys™ following the ADA and WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines with our template styles.
Audio Questions
Record Forsta Surveys™ respondent answers like they are doing a live interview. Use Transcription to get the text - all automated!
Get amazed and speed up your process with our lightweight and flexible text-coding tool and its AI suggestions. View more here.