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Bright ACE Overview

New: Bright ACE is now part of the Bright Platform!

The regular one-question per page approach is ineffective in some use case scenarios, like Patient Record Forms (PRF) or other intense data surveys. If your respondent profile consists of doctors or pharmacists, one of the aims shall be to provide them with a known and comfortable interface. Same for the impatient younger audience. Here comes the Bright ACE library.

The Bright ACE library is an additional layer on top of the classic Forsta Surveys™, it is developed on React. Its main perks are focused on providing a single-page questionnaire experience for the users, lowering LOI, and human errors.

The library is a product intended for Forsta Surveys™. It comes together with additional automated functions like conditional logic, verification with scroll-to-error, e-signing, pdf generation, etc.

All the questions on one screen...

... so you can have your medical respondents focused.

GDPR compliant
We don't store the data on our servers to process the user answers. We provide the visual tool for better user experience.
The library is a few hundreds of kilobytes, and it loads with the first survey screen.
The ACE library has support for many survey questions, logic, and automated fields check so that you have more with fewer efforts.